Play Style

I love to read about how others play their game.  It’s one of the great things about this game, it is so adaptable thanks to the many mod makers and custom content creators out there!  So I thought I’d share a little bit about my style, which quite honestly is a mishmash of other people’s ideas with just a tiny bit of my own ideas mixed in.

I am so in awe of the folks who can take this game and make it run more like real life, with ages, and months and all of that stuff.  It makes reading their stories that much more engrossing as you can associate with the characters easier, and get quite caught up and lost in the drama of their little lives.  I however am too overwhelmed with keeping track of months and years, and all that stuff.  So I take a slightly less used stance and try to imagine my sim world as a human-like world, but certainly all on it’s own.

In my little mind, my little sim planet takes a very long time to rotate and revolve around the little sim sun.  That’s why a sim child won’t have ten or so of each season in their life before they hit teen hood.  It’s just that their planet is very slow. lol  Now, I haven’t decided if their sim planet is flat or round yet.  Hmm….

As for aging, I play with Simlogical’s Age Group Tweak. I’ve changed it so that the ratios of the different life stages were similar to real life.  I hate that in the standard game adults had very little chance of ever seeing their grandbabies grow up.  So my sims live much longer than in an unmodded game, but that allows me to get to know my sim characters, which makes the game more enjoyable for me.

As for birthdays… I’ve kind of abandoned that word, as it just doesn’t make sense when applied to my sim world.  Instead I’ve decided to use the term “T-Day” which is short for transformation day.  In our life, we have some birthdays that are a bigger deal than the rest.  Who hasn’t made a big deal out of their child’s first birthday, even though that kid will never remember it?  In some cultures, turning 13 is a big milestone.  How about sweet 16?  And of course here in America 21 is a big deal because then you can finally drink legally.  So going from one sim stage to another is sort of like only having those big deal birthdays and skipping the rest of the little ones.

As for play schedules and such, this seems to be an ongoing change for me.  I’m sure it will continue to change as my town grows bigger, but for now this is how it works.  I play one season (which are 5 days long) at a time.  But I play whoever I feel like playing (that hasn’t already completed that season of course).  From the first day in the first house to the last day in the last house is all one day after next after next until that season is finished.  It’s kind of like visiting good friends.  I ask myself “Hmm… who do I want to see today?” (not always literally).  Those I don’t play are on their own for making it through the day.  The sim I do play has to put up with me taking pictures of them and meddling in their day. 🙂 As I play I take notes of story line items.  When the season is done I then write the stories however they seem to flow well together.  So sometimes one particular family will seem to dominate and at other times another will, it all depends on how exciting their little sim lives are.

When that season is complete, then it’s on to the next.  When the four seasons have passed, I consider that to be one revolution.  (As it’s our planet revolving around the sun that gives us our seasons.)  I have a hard time calling it a year, as that invokes the whole 360 days, and the whole birthday nightmare. lol  I certainly need a better word for it than revolution, but I haven’t thought one up yet.

In current game play I’ve just finished my town’s second revolution and have decided to introduce Random Occurrence Scenarios.  I compiled lists from various generous people on the web who have offered up their own.  I ended up with two separate files.  One for each season, where a random sim is chosen and something happens.  And one file for each revolution where something happens on a larger scale which has the ability to affect the whole neighborhood.

So, that’s a bit on how I play my game.  Hope it wasn’t too confusing!


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