Twins Turning Toddler

The Galloway house was filling up once again.  Two of the town’s youngest members are outside on the front porch getting to know each other.  Brocke wants to give little Javier a hug, but he’s not so sure about it and pushes Brocke away.

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Together Again

Though the first day Toby stepped foot in Rimona’s little house again had been kind of awkward, it was becoming normal to have him around again.  Rimona was surprised how quickly Toby had bonded with Brocke and how natural it all seemed to be.  Though it all apeared effortless to Rimona, really it wasn’t at all.

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T-days All Around!

As spring was turning into summer many of the citizens of Galloway Township were growing into their next life stage.

Though the babyhood of Brocke had not always been easy, Brocke and his mother Rimona had settled into a routine that worked for each of them.  Today, that was all going to change.

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A different type of story…

There once was a girl and her laptop.  She loved her laptop, even though it was slowing down because it was getting old.  Someone had told this girl that her laptop was a piece of **** but she didn’t care.  It was all she had, and she loved it.

Then one day, she attempted to restart the laptop, and it didn’t want to start again.

This is a story of the true kind.  About three weeks ago my laptop gave out.  Thankfully I had so many future dated blog posts ready that I haven’t had to say anything till now.  I was so frustrated and disgusted that I just walked away from it for a while.  Recently I’ve installed the sims 2 and all the expansions on the husband’s our desktop.  Now I just need to get back into playing.

The bad news is I have to *gasp* share the desktop, so play/blogging time will be limited.  However, since this is was the gaming hubby’s computer the graphics and performance are out of this world!  The game plays so smoothly and looks so good.  About time I get to enjoy the benefit of all that money he spent upgrading this thing!

Anyhow, so just wanted to let you know I had hardware/personal break down.  I hope the story doesn’t end up feeling to disconnected.  I need to read over my last few posts so I can try to bring myself up to date.

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Three more babies!

Another early morning finds Max outside with his boys in the garden.  Spring is nearly done, Max is looking forward to the harvest which seems to be so very far away.

Drew is moving a little slower now a days.  She’s no stranger to pregnancy, but this kid inside of her seems to be overly active.  Sometimes it feels as if there’s four feet kicking her at a time instead of just two!

Though she loves her boys, she admits that being a mom to two boys can be a bit trying.  They’re always playfully punching each other, which seems like no big deal until they get carried away and someone gets hurts.

That someone is usually Kasey.  Though he’s the older of the two, he certainly isn’t the tough one.  Kasey’s always been a little softer on the inside.

When labor began Drew headed outside to get a little fresh air.  Labor processed a lot quicker than she had hoped and before she knew it she was giving birth to another precious baby boy…. and girl!  Yup, that’s why she had felt so worn out, she had been carrying twins!

Baby Marshal and Baby Chrissa have joined the family!

But Drew wasn’t the only one that was up that night.  David has been completely absorbed in the fact that he is becoming a daddy.  He’s read everything he could get his hands on about caring for newborns.

Melanie however hasn’t been quite so excited.  Now that the time has come to welcome their little one into the world, Melanie is even more doubtful she really wants to go through with this!

David was by her side the whole time, though he pretty much stood and smiled the whole time.  Seeing the woman he loves with all his heart becoming the mother of his child… it all just sort of overwhelmed him with emotions.

Soon enough, their baby girl, Symphonie was joining the family!

~ * ~

Talk about some shockers for this update!  I think Drew having twins is her determination to get that life time want of hers.  She’s only one child away from six… of course, then she still has to get them all married.

When Symphonie was born, I knew immediately something was wrong.  Melanie and David are both CAS sims, with no cool genetic background.  In my quest to figure out what’s going on with my game I realized that I have over 11,000 downloads!  *gasp* No wonder my laptop practically dies when I try to run the game.  So I’ve been slowly working on trying to decrease my downloads, but it is a horribly slow process.  Anyhow, turns out that Melanie’s skin tone wasn’t correctly geneticized.  I was just going to leave Symphonie the way she was, but the skin she had was one that I had gotten rid of in my downloads purge, so in the next update she’ll be sporting the same skin tone as her daddy.  (Ditto for Chrissa as well.)  That’s why I didn’t include many pics of her this time.

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A New Venture

Selina thought it was cute how Sezar would talk to their baby inside of her.  Sometimes he took it just a tad far, pretending to have a conversation with the little one, but it was cute none the less.

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Challenges of Dorm Life

College life for Pearl, has been interesting, to say the least.  First thing she did on campus, was visit the store and pick up some new threads.  She knew her dad would certainly not approve of her new powder pink belly showing shirt, but she didn’t care.  Being on her own, having her independence brought a sort of adrenaline rush with it.  She was flying high with the realization that her future isn’t written yet, she’s in control of her life.  All of it was so exciting.

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