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Goodbye Good Friend

Sezar sat on the couch, by his little rascal, they each were waiting for their Momma to come down the stairs.  “You’re gonna go see Miss Drew tonight.  Sound good?”  Javier happily munched on his fingers, unaware of what his … Continue reading

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Momma’s Little Tornado

Momma’s little tornado, that’s what she’s lovingly nicknamed her son.  Keeping track of three businesses is hard, but being responsible for a mischievous little boy is a whole different type of challenge.  Some days he spends with the Galloways, but … Continue reading

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T-days All Around!

As spring was turning into summer many of the citizens of Galloway Township were growing into their next life stage. Though the babyhood of Brocke had not always been easy, Brocke and his mother Rimona had settled into a routine … Continue reading

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A New Venture

Selina thought it was cute how Sezar would talk to their baby inside of her.  Sometimes he took it just a tad far, pretending to have a conversation with the little one, but it was cute none the less.

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What She Needs

He loved his wife, he really did.  But this woman standing before him now is not the woman he married.  No, the Selina he fell for was sweet, cheerful, independent and playful.  Now, he’s living with an emotional, irritated, needy, … Continue reading

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What a Day

The day sure hadn’t started out well.  Selina thought she’d make breakfast for a change.  Who knew that would have turned out to be such a bad idea.  She started yelling and Scout started barking.  A combination which made Sezar … Continue reading

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Town Meeting

Max called everyone he knew, to find out if they were coming.  Today was the day.  The first ever town meeting.  Some may say that he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s smart enough to realize, that … Continue reading

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