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Twins Turning Toddler

The Galloway house was filling up once again.  Two of the town’s youngest members are outside on the front porch getting to know each other.  Brocke wants to give little Javier a hug, but he’s not so sure about it … Continue reading

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Challenges of Dorm Life

College life for Pearl, has been interesting, to say the least.  First thing she did on campus, was visit the store and pick up some new threads.  She knew her dad would certainly not approve of her new powder pink … Continue reading

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A Bird Flying it’s Cage

Ever since her dad told her she’d be able to go to college Pearl began to change.  First it was her clothes.  While Max was glad to see the shorts replaced with jogging pants, he wasn’t so crazy about the … Continue reading

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Don’t Blink

What an awful start to his day.  While he was making breakfast as he often does, his mind was distracted by a certain item on his to-do list today. Next thing he knows he hears Drew’s shrill scream and he … Continue reading

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Surely he was hallucinating.  Maybe he had actually hit his head with that shovel he was using?  Or perhaps he had fallen asleep and this was all some sort of whacked dream.  But, real or not, here he stood, a … Continue reading

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Jameson Galloway

They’ve been through this twice before, I’m not exactly sure why Max is freaking out asking what to do.  Silly sim.

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Pearl Turns Teen

They started their morning like most all their mornings.  Though it would be the last morning just like this.  You see, Pearl is having her t-day today. (t-day = transition day)  Today she leaves childhood behind and enters in to … Continue reading

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