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Changing Hands

The store was full of people, and yet, she felt alone.  She was stuck in a sort of daze that was tinged with both sadness and excitement. Advertisements

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Hopes and Dreams

As the child of two knowledge sims, it’s only natural that Brocke’s little mind would be excelling already, even at this age. His days are a constant mishmash of playing with different enrichment toys, and being read to everything around … Continue reading

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Together Again

Though the first day Toby stepped foot in Rimona’s little house again had been kind of awkward, it was becoming normal to have him around again.  Rimona was surprised how quickly Toby had bonded with Brocke and how natural it … Continue reading

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T-days All Around!

As spring was turning into summer many of the citizens of Galloway Township were growing into their next life stage. Though the babyhood of Brocke had not always been easy, Brocke and his mother Rimona had settled into a routine … Continue reading

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Her not so Perfect Day

SNOW!!  Lots and lots of snow in spring!  This late snow storm had Melanie set on edge.  How could this be happening?  Tomorrow was her big day.  Tomorrow she is saying “I Do”…. outside.  She was supposed to have a … Continue reading

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Life with Brocke

No amount of reading could have fully prepared Rimona for the many trials of mother hood.  Though Brocke was an adorable little boy, he was gifted with an amazing set of lungs.  And he liked to exercise them.  Morning, noon, … Continue reading

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Long Term House Guest

“Is he serious?” Melanie groaned, her voice filled with irritation. David sighed, “I’ll talk to him.” It was six am on a Saturday morning, and their “house guest” was jump roping in the living room.

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