Ever since Jade Elliot’s legendary Isle of Thyme I’ve been in love with the idea of running a real interlaced neighborhood in the Sims 2.  Many a neighborhood I have started, just to grow bored with it and deciding to wipe it out and start fresh.  My problem is that though I love to build, I can only do it for so long before I grow bored with it.  Then when I switch to playing I feel like I messed everything up because the city wasn’t whole.

Then I came across the Build-a-City Challenge.  Play while you build, build while you play!  I had tried to do this on my own before, but things never just seemed right.  This challenge lays out ‘requirements’ for advancing.  I do believe it is the framework I need to stick with a neighborhood.

Though I am mostly following the rules of the challenge, I am not sticking to it strictly.  For instance, I hope to have my ‘shopping district’ be an area on the actual neighborhood map, rather than a separate map all it’s own.  Galloway Township has an industrial area, a rural area, a shopping area, even a university area all mapped out in my head, waiting to come to life.

So this is what it is, and I’m sure it will grow and change with time.  I am amazed at the creativity that is out there, and I’m sure I’ll gather more great ideas to add to my own as I follow other cities through their growth.  I hope you enjoy following the lives of my little simmies.


One Response to About

  1. lepifera says:

    It must be a thrill to build and add a new community and see the neighborhood grow. It would be a lot of fun to play Build-a-City Challenge, if I don’t already got myself a handful going through 40+ households already each round with the Megahood thingy.

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