The New School

Last week the guys had gathered for work day at the new school.  Construction was done, and Rimona was busy unpacking the books and setting up the rooms.  Daniel had informed his fellow Town Council members that they could save a bit of money if they installed the playground equipment themselves, which they elected to do.  As he spent time helping his fellow men loosen up the ground he had to keep reminding himself that it was worth it.

Now, just a week before the official start of the first school year of Galloway Township, Rimona, Max and Daniel were having one last walk through together.

The library was Rimona’s favorite room of the school.

~ * ~

I thought I had so many more pictures, of the Town Council’s meeting, of the work day the guys had, and of three other story bits I was going to post.  But somewhere along the way the pictures all disappeared (or perhaps I had done something wrong and they never existed at all).  So I’m throwing my hands up in surrender, and I’m just going to move on with the beginning of Fall in Galloway.

Before I do, I thought I’d include a little walk through of the new school.  I seriously struggled with this so much!  I really would like to have two schools, one for elementary, and one for highschool, but the town just can’t afford it.  I gave them “grants” for this little school, and they’re still $20K in debt.  It was a challenge for me, to say the least.  I can’t imagine how hard it is for real people in real little towns, with real deficit problems!

Anyhow, introducing Galloway School.

I basically have a child’s class, and a teen’s class, each suitable for six students.  There’s always the library and the future music/art room to stagger kids when needed.  So it should last me a little while.  No kindergarten for the toddlers right now.  Not only do I have a shortage of money to build it, I also have a shortage of sims to run it! Poor Rimona is the only adult involved in running it.  Thankfully she only has three students for her first season, her own son Brocke, Javier Ramos and Jameson Galloway.

Anyhow… some pictures…

The Elementary Classroom:

I’m in serious need of some clutter for their sink area.

The library as seen from the librarian’s desk:

Both the elementary classroom, and the library, have their own bathroom so kids need not go jaunting to the other side of the school to use the facilities.

The Cafeteria, all quiet and empty, all it needs is children:

The hall to the teen’s classroom.  You can see their restrooms and lockers at the end of the hall:

And the highschool room:

I need clutter for it’s sink area as well.  You can’t see it, but there’s a skeleton in the corner by the door.

And last but not least, the playground area:

I had the guys of the town come “dig for treasure” and whatever money they found went to paying for the playground equipment, hence the “saving money” referenced up above.  I’m so eager to play this lot and hopefully get to know the kids a bit better.

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2 Responses to The New School

  1. A tip when running your community lot school: when they gain the new level benefits, use the money option. It’s like getting grants from the government (for high test scores, etc.). Maybe, you should also either increase taxes or institute a school tax. I factor in taxes for townies and NPCs, so I tend to have a good budget. You find more info my taxing methods on my site.

  2. p.s. I’m loving that four square on your playground. it takes me back!

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