Goodbye Good Friend

Sezar sat on the couch, by his little rascal, they each were waiting for their Momma to come down the stairs.  “You’re gonna go see Miss Drew tonight.  Sound good?”  Javier happily munched on his fingers, unaware of what his father was saying.  Tonight was going to be the closest thing to a date night that he and Selina had had in a long while.

Though Club Red was her baby, Sezar didn’t need to work hard at keeping her attention off of the business aspect and completely on him.  He loved her as mother to his son, but he kind of missed her as his hot sexy wife.  It was good to have the old Selina back, even if just for a night.

The next morning seemed to have come earlier than most.  When Javier announced loudly with his protests that he was awake, and ready to start the day, Selina was surprised to see that Sezar had apparently already headed out with Scout for a morning walk.  She drug herself out of bed and got her little man dressed.  Business matters were on her mind as she headed down the stairs to get some food in her little boys stomach.  As she did, she saw something through the window that terrified her.

They had just returned from their walk, and Scout saw something new outside of their home.  He wasn’t sure who, or what this new sim was, but he couldn’t help but stand before him, neither barking or wagging his tail.  He simply couldn’t move.

As Selina ran outside, a mid summer rain began to fall, and she looked on in terror of what was standing before her.

Her husband stood, on the other side of the sight, quietly crying into his hands.  Scout had been his companion when he moved to Galloway, and now the little guy would be gone.  The summer rain chose a fine day to fall.  It was a sad, sad day for their family indeed.

~ * ~

Scout is gone. 😦  He was such a good a dog too.

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