Changing Hands

The store was full of people, and yet, she felt alone.  She was stuck in a sort of daze that was tinged with both sadness and excitement.

The summer was a little more than half over, the construction of the new school was just about finished.  It was time that she say goodbye to her flower shop, and embrace the new life that had began when she moved in with Toby.

Daniel had made her an offer she couldn’t refuse on purchasing the flower shop.  Though, he certainly had no intentions of continuing it as a flower shop.  When he stepped in the store, visions of electronics danced in his head.

As the last customer of the final day left, she lingered in her empty shop.  The shelves were bare, the only sounds to be heard was that of the birds singing happily in the tree outside.  She took a deep breath, and headed for the door.  A smile upon her face, tinged both with sadness and excitement.

~ * ~

Rimona’s flower shop is no more.  She’s going to be in charge of running the new school.

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