Hopes and Dreams

As the child of two knowledge sims, it’s only natural that Brocke’s little mind would be excelling already, even at this age. His days are a constant mishmash of playing with different enrichment toys, and being read to everything around him is designed to stimulate his brain.

While Mom studies, little Brocke works on his creativity skills.  Thankfully he’s to small to realize what type of clothes his parents put him in!  Money is tight, and until they get a renter in Rimona’s old town house, they have to make due with somethings.

The toddler years fly by, and before she realizes it, Rimona is surrounded by friends, holding her little boy about to blow out the candles.  She can’t help but think about all her hopes and dreams for her son as he grows.

Brocke smiles at his mom as she blows out the candles for him.

And he enters into childhood.

~ * ~

I let my toddlers pretty much do whatever they want.  Brocke naturally has been surrounded with skill building toys, and he’s my only toddler that gets smart milk.  If Rimona and Toby have any influence, he’ll be a smart little guy.

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