The Toy Maker’s Daughter

If there’s one thing David feels he’s called to in life, it is hands down, that of being a dad.

He gets lost in the quiet moments they share.  The sound of her soft coos, the joy of her smile.  He had thought he knew what love was when he fell for Melanie, but honestly, the love for his daughter is a whole other type of animal.  He does love his wife still, more now that she is the mother of his child, but there’s just something different about a father’s love for his daughter.

Symphonie is such an easy going baby, happy to play with her toys while Daddy works at his bench.  He’s been spending less time at it, now that so much of his time is spent caring for Symphonie.

Time seems to fly on by, quick as ever.  Soon their house is filled once again with friends, this time to help them celebrate their baby becoming a toddler.  David insists on throwing the biggest bash he can for his little girl.

While the adults are gathered around the table eating hamburgers, or gathered infront of the TV watching the game, the toddlers of the town are gathered around one of David’s Jack-in-the-Boxes.  All the toddlers squeel in glee when the clown pops out of the box.

Soon, it’s the Birthday Girls turn to enter into Toddler as her dad holds her in his arm.

Soon she’s put into her birthday dress, and set with the other toddlers to play.  Brocke is the first to talk to her.  He insists on sharing a hug to welcome her.

Marshal insists on a hug as well.  Sure seems like the Toy Makers Daughter will have no trouble making friends!

~ * ~

My game wasn’t wanting to run correctly during poor Symphonie’s birthday.  I ended up doing it twice, neither time would she actually blow out the candles, she just *poofed* into a toddler.

I know they’re just toddlers, but I can’t help but wonder if Brocke and Marshal’s attention to Symphonie is being a bit prophetic or not.  I’m so excited to see these kids grow up together.

This was one of my more silly glitches.  He stopped working on a toy to change his daughter’s diaper.  Guess he couldn’t be bothered with putting the hammer down? lol

Not all the toddlers got along either.  Once again, Javier and Brocke are not fond of each other.  They have a negative relationship, and I’m afraid to say I think it’s Javier’s doing.  In this situation, Brocke wanted to huggle, and Javier wouldn’t have any of it.

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2 Responses to The Toy Maker’s Daughter

  1. HeredonCove says:

    That hammer picture is so funny. Once, I had twins and the Dad didn’t put one kid down before he worked on the the next.

    It’s cute that David is so wrapped up in his baby.

  2. David and Symphonie’s relationship is so cute.

    I love that you invited the town toddler over for the birthday party. I could see that working for when they become kids and have the “make a friend want” which always seems to pop up after they grow up.

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