not in the spotlight

As seen a couple posts ago, Reynaldo really has moved into Galloway Township, in what I’m hoping will be a more modern feeling section.  Originally I thought I would be writing updates for him as well, but then Drew had twins, and having all these babies/toddlers around made me realize that the next generation is going to have SO many more sims to follow.  So I’ve decided to not blog about him unless it affects the already existing families.

So Reynaldo is lucky that I don’t share the details of his constant womanizing.  Actually though, I’m using him to bring some new blood into town.  Before he’s allowed to woo-hoo with anyone (his ltw is to woohoo 20 sims) he has to move them in.  Both so Risky Woohoo has an opportunity to mess things up for him, but also to up my sim count for the BAC rules and taxes!

Jacquie was his first “roommate”.

She is now renting out Rimona’s old place, and has opened up Jacquie’s Joint, a 50’s themed dinner.

Next on his conquest list was Margaret. (Tackily enough he took her to Jacquie’s Joint lol)

You may recognize her as the funny dressed reporter I shared a picture of as an outtake of this post.  Poor gal is a family sim, fooled by Reynaldo’s charms.  She’s still living with him, as he hasn’t moved on quite yet.

Anyhow, she’s opened up a dance studio in town.  I have lots of little girls, someone’s gonna want to take ballet lessons!

Believe it or not, there’s one “female” that Reynaldo hasn’t hit on…

Servette wanted to hug him, he was seriously not digging it. lol

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One Response to not in the spotlight

  1. Carla says:

    I always thought Servo woohoo was majorly creepy! I guess Reynaldo agrees.

    I love the look of Jacquie’s Joint! My 50s diner needs a major makeover, even though I was quite taken with it two years ago!

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