Challenges of Dorm Life

College life for Pearl, has been interesting, to say the least.  First thing she did on campus, was visit the store and pick up some new threads.  She knew her dad would certainly not approve of her new powder pink belly showing shirt, but she didn’t care.  Being on her own, having her independence brought a sort of adrenaline rush with it.  She was flying high with the realization that her future isn’t written yet, she’s in control of her life.  All of it was so exciting.

The first sim she met was Vera.  Vera seems to have a chip on her shoulder, as she was rather rude to Pearl at first.  Pearl just let her be, not like there was a lack of sims around to befriend.

Though sometimes their conversation choices baffled Pearl.  She knows her sphere of friends is rather small, but she didn’t think sims seriously just go around asking others to make out with them.

Even in the middle of a study session guys would mention making out to Pearl.  She was used to public displays of affection, her parents were practically royalty when it comes to that.  But their displays were affectionate, filled with love.  These guys seemed creepy.  Maybe others came to college just to make out and have free love, but Pearl is here for getting her diploma.

With some time, dorm life managed to take all the wind out from under her sails.  It seemed that quiet time was harder and harder to come by as time passed.  She tried to work on her term paper, but kept getting interrupted when guys would come into her room wanting to “chat”.  They’d break her concentration and drive her nuts with middle of the night interruptions.

Though she hadn’t wanted to do it, she was driven to her wits end with all the visitations.  So she soon put up a “Do not disturb” sign.  It seemed to have been just the thing to do the trick.

College life introduced Pearl to espresso.  After her first cup she decided to take it easy with the Java, as she found herself shaking a bit with the caffeine running through her veins.

Though they are far apart, Pearl still keeps in touch with her family back in Galloway.  She talks with them at least once a week, though when they ask how things are going, she paints the best picture she can for them.

For example, she didn’t tell her parents about the partying going on that leaves sims collapsed on the floor.  Though Vera doesn’t seem too eager to befriend Pearl, that doesn’t stop Pearl from worrying about her.

When things threaten to overwhelm her, she retreats to her room to immerse herself in her violin music.  The music soothes her soul as well as her nerves, leaving her ready to face the next challenge of dorm life.

~ * ~

I have seriously tried to get Pearl hooked up with a guy, but she’s just not interested!  Her turn-ons are blonds and witches, her turn off is unemployment.  I’ve had her scope room all over campus, and this is the look she gives me, despite having blonds in the room.  *sigh* Guess she really is there to get an education.  Go figure!

She finished her first semester with a 4.0, but her freshman year with 3.5.

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2 Responses to Challenges of Dorm Life

  1. Carla says:

    LOL, yeah, I can’t say I blame Pearl! The default dormies are nothing special! And these ones seem extra creepy. 😉

    Maybe her sophomore year will be a bit more successful.

  2. HeredonCove says:

    Aww, Pearl is really adjusting to college. It’s only her freshmen year, plenty of time to hook up with some boys.

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