Her not so Perfect Day

SNOW!!  Lots and lots of snow in spring!  This late snow storm had Melanie set on edge.  How could this be happening?  Tomorrow was her big day.  Tomorrow she is saying “I Do”…. outside.  She was supposed to have a beautiful spring wedding, surrounded by flowers and gentle breezes…. not snow!Inside she fiddled with computer, which thanks to Toby no doubt, has not been working correctly.  She furrowed her brow nothing seems to be going right.  Nothing!

That morning they had an unexpected visitor.  She was talking to Toby in the dinning room when out of the corner of her eye she saw Daniel.  She didn’t remember the doorbell ringing, or hearing a knock at the door, but here he was, standing in her house.

She looked on in utter confusion as he dropped to one knee and began to serrenade her.  What the hell was he thinking?  She was getting married tomorrow!  He hadn’t shown a damn bit of interest in chasing after her before.  Why now?  Why today?  Thankfully David and Toby were both home to kick him out while she retreated to her room.

Melanie felt as if nothing was going right!  She worried that tomorrow, the day that was supposed to be her perfect day was doomed before it even began.  David soon joined her.  “Weirdo eh?” David said.  She just shook her head.  David pulled her close.  “Everything’s going to be just fine.” he promised her.  “Afterall, I have you.”  Melanie loved how he could clear the stormy skies just with his touch.

The night passed, and her big day came.  Thankfully the snow had almost disappeared.  Rimona came hours early and David pointed her to upstairs where Toby has been staying.  Neither David or Melanie pried, as they both have been waiting for this day.  For some sign that maybe Toby wouldn’t be staying with them forever.  They’re not sure what all was discussed or said, but Rimona and Toby shared a gentle, long hug.  Perhaps this day would turn out just great after all, Melanie hoped.

It wasn’t long before everyone was gathered around outside to watch the ceremony.

And the kissing.

Soon the party moved inside.  Though the room was filled with noise and people they all disappeared into the background as David and Melanie got lost in each others eyes for a bit.

That is until a sudden roar came from the living room.  Voices could be heard rising.  Then a loud thud as havoc seemed to rule.  Melanie rushed into their livingroom to discover a dust cloud, inside were two sims, fighting on her wedding day!  “Stop it!  Stop it!” she yelled.  Then as the dust cleared, she found who had been so petty to brawl on her special day.

Apparently Reynaldo and Sezar had exchanged a few too many words with one another.  Reynaldo coming out on top.  The house soon emptied, the guests leaving as quick as they had come.  The whole thing made Melanie sick to her stomach…


~ * ~

Poor Melanie, her wedding definitely did not go as planned!  Stupid Daniel never rolls wants for her when I play him, yet he just waltzes into her house, uninvited I may add, the day before her wedding and serenades her.  Then Reynaldo and Sezar get into their brawl and to top it all off she has to deal with morning sickness. lol  Poor gal.

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One Response to Her not so Perfect Day

  1. Carla says:

    Aw, poor Melanie! She sure had a lot of stress to deal with leading up to her big day. But she’s married now, to the right guy, and that’s all that matters in the end.

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