Life with Brocke

No amount of reading could have fully prepared Rimona for the many trials of mother hood.  Though Brocke was an adorable little boy, he was gifted with an amazing set of lungs.  And he liked to exercise them.  Morning, noon, or night, he didn’t care, he liked to scream.

When he was first born, the Galloways would visit often.  Drew would whisk Brocke up into her arms and keep him occupied while Rimona taught Kasey the rules of chess.  It was nice just to have interaction with others and to make sure she wasn’t loosing her sanity.

With time she and Brocke got into a rhythm of sorts.  She began to understand his different cries, she discovered what he likes, and what he dislikes.  Come to find out, he absolutely loves his jumpy seat.

She had decided to close the flower shop for a while, but when she could, she took the opportunity to come up with some new arrangements.  While Brocke played in his seat she was busy arranging and evaluating.  All of that determination paid off when she found a seemingly magical combination that made her feel better just by being around them!  They even seemed to soothe Brocke a bit.

She absolutely loves her son, and though she wishes she hadn’t done what she had, she doesn’t regret having him in her life.  Recently she got an invitation to David and Melanie’s wedding.  She called up Toby to make sure he wouldn’t be angry with her for coming, seeing as he was expected to be there and all.  They ended up talking for quite a while.  She thinks he misses her, just as much as she misses him.  But she wonders if Toby is lost and confused now that Brocke is in the picture.  Hopefully they can work things out.

~ * ~

I love the last picture of Brocke.  He’s so cute!

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2 Responses to Life with Brocke

  1. Carla says:

    It’s good to see Rimona is in a good routine with Brocke now. It must be so hard for her to do this alone.

    Brocke is such a cutie though!

  2. S says:

    I’m glad Rimona is getting along well in her new motherhood. Brocke is very cute!

    It’s good that Rimona and Toby were able to talk for a little while. I hope maybe they can work things out.

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