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She Scores

Now this is what she has been missing.  Though she left that big city behind, she had missed the sport she loved.  Soccer.  There had been no room in her little house for a soccer goal, and there were no … Continue reading

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Bye-bye purple!

He wasn’t quite sure what was with Melanie, but honestly, Daniel hasn’t missed her much.  He’s been making further discoveries at his robot bench.  There is nothing like a new invention to make one feel on top of the world.

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Finally Wanted

It was another Friday night, and Toby was headed to Club Red like usual.  He and “the boys” were to have their pool night.  Though he kind of doubted that David would show, he’s been spending more time with Melanie … Continue reading

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Town Meeting

Max called everyone he knew, to find out if they were coming.  Today was the day.  The first ever town meeting.  Some may say that he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he’s smart enough to realize, that … Continue reading

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Decision Made Easy

Though she had told herself she needed time away from both of them to make her decision, she couldn’t help but admit that the fact David made a point to visit her at work made her heart sing.  In fact, … Continue reading

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This was a delicate matter to be brought to the table.  Though they were married, Club Red was very distinctly Selina’s domain.  Sezar hadn’t minded the fact that she had hired a DJ, he appreciated it quite honestly.  But the … Continue reading

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Surely he was hallucinating.  Maybe he had actually hit his head with that shovel he was using?  Or perhaps he had fallen asleep and this was all some sort of whacked dream.  But, real or not, here he stood, a … Continue reading

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