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Pearl’s Adventures

As a growing girl, Pearl is starting to wonder what she wants out of life.  Through most of the spring she was content to paint away in the quiet of the storage room while her mom took care of the … Continue reading

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On His Mind

Ever since that day she’s been on his mind.  Shoot, she’s been on his mind since the day they met.  But now he can’t escape her.  It all became crystal clear when he woke up this morning, he finally knew … Continue reading

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Blissfully Happy

As far as Toby is concerned, he is the luckiest man alive.  In the mornings he lays with Rimona resting on his shoulder.  He listens to her steady breathing, she’s so peaceful, she calms him.

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Welcome Kasey

Cries rang through the house as another Galloway entered the world.  This time Drew gave birth to a son.  You can bet that Max is excited!  They named him Kasey.  Welcome to the world Kasey Galloway!

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The Day the Skunk Sprayed

Sezar begins his day with a little work out, Scout howling happily to the music.

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Spring has Sprung

Rimona has no idea who she’s looking at when she looks in the mirror.  The Rimona she knows is strong and independent, she thinks with her head, not with her heart.  But here she is, calling Toby once again.  Asking … Continue reading

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A Surprise

He doesn’t think he could ever grow tired of the view from their kitchen table.  The Galloways are having their early morning breakfast.  Well, this morning Drew is missing from the table.  But Max and Pearl are having their usual … Continue reading

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