The New School

Last week the guys had gathered for work day at the new school.  Construction was done, and Rimona was busy unpacking the books and setting up the rooms.  Daniel had informed his fellow Town Council members that they could save a bit of money if they installed the playground equipment themselves, which they elected to do.  As he spent time helping his fellow men loosen up the ground he had to keep reminding himself that it was worth it.

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Goodbye Good Friend

Sezar sat on the couch, by his little rascal, they each were waiting for their Momma to come down the stairs.  “You’re gonna go see Miss Drew tonight.  Sound good?”  Javier happily munched on his fingers, unaware of what his father was saying.  Tonight was going to be the closest thing to a date night that he and Selina had had in a long while.

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Changing Hands

The store was full of people, and yet, she felt alone.  She was stuck in a sort of daze that was tinged with both sadness and excitement.

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Hopes and Dreams

As the child of two knowledge sims, it’s only natural that Brocke’s little mind would be excelling already, even at this age. His days are a constant mishmash of playing with different enrichment toys, and being read to everything around him is designed to stimulate his brain.

While Mom studies, little Brocke works on his creativity skills.  Thankfully he’s to small to realize what type of clothes his parents put him in!  Money is tight, and until they get a renter in Rimona’s old town house, they have to make due with somethings.

The toddler years fly by, and before she realizes it, Rimona is surrounded by friends, holding her little boy about to blow out the candles.  She can’t help but think about all her hopes and dreams for her son as he grows.

Brocke smiles at his mom as she blows out the candles for him.

And he enters into childhood.

~ * ~

I let my toddlers pretty much do whatever they want.  Brocke naturally has been surrounded with skill building toys, and he’s my only toddler that gets smart milk.  If Rimona and Toby have any influence, he’ll be a smart little guy.

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The Toy Maker’s Daughter

If there’s one thing David feels he’s called to in life, it is hands down, that of being a dad.

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Momma’s Little Tornado

Momma’s little tornado, that’s what she’s lovingly nicknamed her son.  Keeping track of three businesses is hard, but being responsible for a mischievous little boy is a whole different type of challenge.  Some days he spends with the Galloways, but today, he’s staying home with daddy while Selina heads to Red Line Clothes.

Sezar figures this would be the perfect opportunity to get a work out in.  There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day lately to do all he wants.  He’s gotta keep in shape.  In his mind he’s thinking about investing in some weights.  How on earth did Reynaldo best him when they finally went to blows?  It’s just unthinkable!

While Reynaldo is excersising in the livingroom, Javier is checking out Scout’s food dish.  He joyfully throws handfuls of kibble into the air.  Then he slows down to smell it…

… and decides to taste it!  Oh my… I guess toddlers really do put anything in their mouths.

Though Sezar doesn’t notice what his son is up to, Scout sure does notice that the little tike is messing with his food.  Scout approaches him cautiously.  In his old age, Scout has calmed down a lot, he’s weary of these little humans that like to grab and throw things.

Scout’s visit was enough to distract him, and he follows Scout out of the kitchen.  He’s distracted when he sees his toy garage and decides to bang on and chew on some cars.

Soon, Javier is tired, and he helps himself to Scout’s bed for his afternoon nap.

~ * ~

Scout and Javier are very cautious around each other.  Toddler/Pet interactions are just too cute!

It was picture time for this family.  They’re so cute!

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not in the spotlight

As seen a couple posts ago, Reynaldo really has moved into Galloway Township, in what I’m hoping will be a more modern feeling section.  Originally I thought I would be writing updates for him as well, but then Drew had twins, and having all these babies/toddlers around made me realize that the next generation is going to have SO many more sims to follow.  So I’ve decided to not blog about him unless it affects the already existing families.

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